Me and my old Honda Lead 110
Me and my old Honda Lead 110
Are you crazy?

This is what most of my friends were telling me when I was showing them my idea of travelling from one side of the globe to another. Am I crazy? Maybe I am or… I have always been. I was always looking for adventure. It was making my mom worried about me. I started riding 50 cc Chinese scooter when I was young, it was against her will, but somehow, she accepted the idea of small scooters, I started riding it everywhere and I was doing all the maintenance and repairs by myself, this is how my love with motorcycles began.  Around 7 years ago, while browsing internet I stumbled upon re-moto.com website, which is the blog of the man who rode 89,000 km on Yamaha YBR 125. That inspired me, but being a university student held me back from doing the similar thing. I thought of doing Europe round trip on my 50 cc scooter, but by knowing how frequent it breaks down my trip will not be long. I did not have the proper vehicle and enough funds to start my trip.

For 7 years I was thinking about it. I did my motorcycle driving license hiding it from my mother, I changed the scooter to 110 cc Honda Lead to finish in Poland on

me on Suzuki V-Strom

maxi-scooter Yamaha X-max 125. I had the motorcycle that could do the trip, but constantly there was another excuse: money, holidays, doing it alone… I kept on promising myself… next year, next year, next year… In 2015 I decided to go to Australia and do the round trip after finishing my job contract, but this time something happened, Australia did not sound appealing to me anymore. I bought motorcycle Suzuki V-Strom 2006 capable of doing long trips. I was always thinking big and now I changed my plan, I would ride around Australia and on the same journey I will go to home-country on the different side of the globe.

Now new challenges appeared, the trip would include spending all my saving on just one trip and being completely broke after. Secondly, I am not a very organized person, the trip involves lot of planning in advance, opposing to my soul of spontaneity. The last, I am a very social person, I love people, but the trip will include being many stretches alone while riding.

I will have no money after the trip, I will need organize everything and I would be long time alone, is it worth it?



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