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Review – Photo-Book Saal Digital

One day I thought it would be a great idea to have a photobook to gather pictures from my trip printed in a book, it seemed to me like a perfect idea. However, I was skeptical about it, photo-books I saw before were low quality prints on paper, looking like I could print them by myself at home. This is not what I wanted to pay my money for. Luckily, I was picked to test photo-book at Saal Digital, I received the voucher to check their service for free. I was not risking anything but my time.

I immediately installed their application. It was not easy to use, it took me some time to learn how to use this tool. It crashed plenty of times at the beginning when I wanted to choose too many photos. I needed to pick the best photos. Ready to use templates did not suit to my adventure so I needed to pick everything manually: black frames, 4-6 photos per page and after 5 hours my photobook was ready. I uploaded the work, picked the paper and frame and made the payment with my credit card for the pages exceeding the test quantity and started waiting for photo-book to arrive.

The Book

After 3 days courier brought it! Excited opened it and found out something that exceeded my expectations. The hard frame, every page is thick and nice in touch and what is more important photos print quality is very high.

I took the photo-book to my lectures. It helped me a lot in presentations, people could see the photos little bit longer than on screen. After showing it to many people book looks still like new.

Thank you Saal Digital for picking me to test.


– Application not easy to use

+ High quality of the photo-book


SAAL Photo Book SAAL Photo Book SAAL Photo Book

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