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Travel Hints

Trip start delay

I finished my job 3 weeks earlier to enjoy my last days of Sydney life,  beach, parties,  friends etc. All I needed to do was to finalize small things before the trip: sending my belongings I won’t need for the trip to Poland,  last motorcycle checkout, lodging my tax return […]



Are you crazy? This is what most of my friends were telling me when I was showing them my idea of travelling from one side of the globe to another. Am I crazy? Maybe I am or… I have always been. I was always looking for adventure. It was making my mom […]

Travel warnings on the route

Line on the map

In October 2016, I got to know my work will be transferred to India, time to go home I thought. I stayed in Australia more than I planned primarily. I pondered, it might be a good idea to reach Polish Woodstock festival overland on my motorcycle. First question that came […]

Adventure! Let's go!

Lets get started!

I opened this website for friends, friends of friends and all of you planning to do the similar journey around the world. This blog will be my motorcycle diary, I will be describing feelings, sights, where I am and sometimes more serious stuff like planning, visas, gear etc. Everybody can find something for themselves. […]