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13 Must-Have Mobile Apps For Overland Travellers

There are hundreds of mobile applications available both in Google or Apple Store. It took me ages to get the right apps for the trip so I thought I might share my findings with you. Here is the list of 13 free travel apps every overlander should have:


WhattsApp - Must-Have Mobile Apps For Overlanders

WhatsApp Messenger

The best way to stay in touch and not pay anything when having internet access. Just download the app and allow the it to go through your contact list. You will see all your friends using WhattsApp as well and you will be able to send free messages when online.

App used by many overlanders.

Android | iOS

Mobile VOIP - Must-Have Mobile Apps For Overlanders

Mobile VoIP

Mobile VoIP is the only one App that is not totally free on this list. When I had a clutch breakdown in Nepal, mechanics did not know how to make my motorbike up and running again. I needed to make several international calls to find the closest clutch assembly. All phone calls would have costed a lot with my network provider, however with Mobile VoIP I paid only 10 EUR for unlimited free calls for 3 months.

App good to register and install in case you will need it top up your account.

VoipDiscount Registration

Language knowledge

Google Translate - Must-Have Mobile Apps For Overlanders

Google Translate

Imagine finding yourself in a situation: you standing in front of a person speaking to you in a language you do not know. If you have not faced it yet, you will. That is where Google Translate comes in handy. I remember having long conversations writing and showing the translation on the phone.

Worth having, after installing the app remember to download offline languages and the keyboard with the alphabet of interlocutor to ease the writing experience.

Android | iOS


Knowledge of basic words can help you. It will make people smile and sometimes shocked when you will make an effort to speak foreign language. It is an amazing icebreaker. Duolingo will help you learn basics with no effort.

Android | iOS

Locate yourself

Google Maps

I am not going to any motorbike trip without checking the Google Maps first. It allows to estimate the time needed to travel from one place to another. I do not know any better way to check the road traffic and current road closures.

On the other hand not giving much value offline.

Android | iOS

Maps Me


One of not many GPS maps applications that can work offline. It might not be as accurate as Google Maps, but it will still show you the way when needed. Remember to download maps of all countries you are going to visit. 

Android | iOS

Plan and document


Trip organization might be overwhelming.  Many things to organize: planning, visas, motorcycle maintenance etc. It is a huge project, so it needs project management tool.

It will helps to plan tasks day by day. I wish I knew Nozbe before my first trip.

Nozbe Registration


You can use the regular notebook to write your motorbike diary, but it is easier with Evernote. It allows you to create documents with photo, video and even audio!

Evernote Registration

Get the information

iOverlander - Must-Have Mobile Apps For Overlanders


iOverlander is a database created by other overland travellers. Border details, hostel recommendations, and campsite recommendations, all you need on the road.

Android | iOS

Facebook Groups - Must-Have Mobile Apps For Overlanders


Facebook is perfect for sharing your trip with broader audience, however this is not use I would like to share with you. Facebook groups are amazing source of knowledge. When you will have any problem you can ask for advice, 2 (or more) heads are better than one πŸ™‚

Android | iOS

Know the value of money

XE Currency - Must-Have Mobile Apps For Overlanders

XE Currency

People will take advantage of you not knowing the value of their currency. This calculator will easily convert any currency offline.

Add all necessary currencies before the trip.

Android | iOS


Dropbox logo


Dropbox might be life saver during the trip. You can save all documents so in any case like losing or having everything stolen you will at least have copies. For 10 USD a month you can have 1 TB of storage so you will be able to store all your trip photos and share with your friends in full resolution.

Dropbox Registration

Photo Editing

Snapseed Logo

Snap Seed

It can do similar things to Adobe Lightroom, but for free and on your mobile. 
I do not know better free app to tweak photos on the go. Adjust your photos with just few clicks. Watch out, as with this app you will make your photos look outstanding and will make your friends jealous.

Android | iOS

I hope these Mobile Apps for Overlanders will save you a lot of time and will make your journey more pleasurable.

What other apps are you using? Share in comments below.

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