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Total amount of kilometers I travelled?

Some of you ask me, how what is the exact number of kilometers I travelled?

The answer is… I do not know.

Before I started I made a note of the beginning odometer indication, thinking it might help me to get the kilometers made at the end. Ending number minus beginning should give me the right number right. But it is not that easy…. My meters stopped working somewhere in Kazakhstan, I did not have any idea of how fast and how many kilometers I am travelling, odometer died. However I can do some estimates: to Kazakhstan, my odometer stated I travelled 38,000 km, I used google maps to analyze the remaining number of kilometers, it was around 4,000… quick calculation, add 4,000 km to 38,000 km and I had the final estimate 42,000 km.

Below Google Earth screen to show you how far I travelled, which is speaking better than numbers 🙂

My route on Google Earth - One Man One RideMy route on Google Earth

If you want to see better, below click here to see better map.

Total amount of kilometers I travelled?
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